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Case Study Series


Abby, Inc. Software Training Solution Saves Costs and Enhances Productivity at Regions Bank


    Regions is a full service commercial bank with assets of $33 billion.  Headquartered in Tennessee, Regions Bank operates in 12 states and services over 3,000,000 loan and deposit customers.  Regions is one of the top financial institutions in SBA lending and the 28th largest bank in the U.S.  With over 280 operators in their proof department and over 25,000,000 items encoded in an average month, Regions needed an organized, efficient, and reliable way to implement training to proof operators. 


Before Abby   


    “Before Regions Bank began using the Abby Training system, we had multiple trainers working with small groups of operators in each of our proof centers. This process often took up to three weeks, and was an expensive training method,” said Gary Jenkins, Executive Vice President, Operations Services for Regions Bank.    


    “We had to find a faster, less costly approach to training and Abby has supplied that venue. Regions Bank trained over 400 employees last year, and with the new computer based training we were able to significantly streamline the process.”


The Abby Solution  


    One of the executives at Regions was familiar with Abby Training Software and recommended its use in their proof department.  Regions contacted Abby, and the system was tested in one of the training centers.  The Abby training program proved to be fast, efficient and very successful.  It was then rolled out to all six training centers at Union Planters Bank. 


The Regions Training Center     


    With the new Abby System, Union Planter's training centers practically run themselves. Employees work at stations that consist of PC's and proof machines.  Work on the proof machines is guided by a tutorial from the PC, and some modules are done using only the PC. 


    The Abby software takes each employee through ten modules.  Each module teaches a specific skill.  The software mechanically scores each module and identifies certain areas that the operator needs to practice.  For example, one module helps the employee with their number recognition skills.  Items flash on the computer screen for only seconds, the employee must input the information quickly and accurately.  This allows the employees to work up to entering 2,000 items per hour.  It also teaches them how to read the MICR and account numbers on checks and how to locate and correct mistakes they have made without having to manually go back through each item. 


Stand Alone Operation Feature  


    The stand-alone operation feature allows more employees to be trained with less management time and training resources. Trainers no longer have to stand behind each employee and verbally give him information to input.  Instead, the trainer can monitor the progress of all the employees who are in training at the same time.


Tailored Software brings Higher Employee Productivity  


     Abby, Inc. provided the perfect solution for productivity at Regions Bank. “The software provided by Abby was designed to train new employees with little or no experience on how to operate a proof machine. The software was tailored to incorporate unique items and instructions related to the UP processes. Specific problem items were imaged and built into the system so that new employees could learn to deal with these unique transactions. The modules also identify problem areas for the employee so that specific training can be set up for that employee,” said Jenkins.


Reducing Costs  


    The Abby Software Training Program is designed to help companies save money by reducing training costs. “With the Abby system, we can train more employees while reducing the number of trainers to one in each center,” said Jenkins. In addition to this money savings, the program is so complete that the trained operators consistently perform above first year skill levels in less than six months. If you have a special training need in your Transaction Processing area, the Abby Training Program is the right choice for you.  


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