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The ProofPerformer® training system is unparalleled for personal skills development.  This training system is much more than simple keyboard instruction: Trainees learn all aspects of processing as they run sample work through the proof machine. 

The Abby system includes up to twelve computer-based modules, a customized work manual containing your forms and procedures, and personal instruction in the proper implementation of the training for your trainers or supervisors.  

The ProofPerformer® offers these benefits:

Operators are trained for maximum production                              

Productivity is improved for the same dollar wages

System is always ready to develop new operators on demand  

Errors and rejects are reduced and higher production levels are attained

Costs are reduced through this affordable training system

The ProofPerformer® has consistently trained new operators who perform above first year skill levels in less than six months.  However, the programs potential far exceeds use as just a basic training program for new employees.

The programs uses include:

Introduction to the Proof Department
Follows the processing of a bank deposit through the various operations departments and into the collection system. Various types of checks (on-us, clearing, and transit) are presented and discussed. New collection procedures using the “Check 21” guidelines are introduced. The importance of a Checks MICR line and the encoding clerk’s role in banking is stressed. Common-sense work rules are included.

Developed in conjunction with a local university Ergonomics group, this module explains why proper posture in the work environment is important and describes how to best adjust a workstation for optimum ergonomic compatibility. The module also includes a series of exercises designed to relax muscles and relieve stress during the workday.

TenKey skills are assessed, and appropriate training is applied to increase both speed and accuracy in keying. A variety of speed goal levels is available so that training can be customized to various jobs.

Machine Operations
General proof machine controls and operation – setting date, ID number (if necessary) and consecutive or sequence number. Preparing for the day’s processing. Single and multiple debit deposits, cash ticket processing, split or cash-back deposits, totaling the pocket and closing the machine procedures are all covered in this lesson.

Encoding Error Corrections
Lessons in error correction, including reasons why errors occur, and the way in which errors should be corrected. Separate Lessons discuss encoding errors, customer errors, and teller errors.

Exceptions Encoding
Includes encoding in fields other than the amount field and discusses not only check repair, but also additional field encoding for internal documents including general ledger, teller transfer, bonds, tax payments and other exceptional work encoded by your department. Lessons may be order generically, or customized with your bank’s documents.

Special Functions
Illustrates and explains Find and Deposit List Rekey functions (depending on the procedures for processing items in your bank). Trainee processes transactions with hidden errors, and then uses the Find key and the Deposit List Rekey function to identify and correct the errors.

Subtotal Balancing
Illustrates and explains Subtotal Balancing procedures to use when processing very large deposits. Trainees process deposit transactions that have been divided into three sub-transactions, each with its own tape. The Subtotal Balancing features of the 7766 machine is used to balance the deposits.

Speed Development
Balanced transactions are presented at increasingly faster rates to increase trainees’ speed skills. Speeds may be assigned by a trainer or selected by the trainee. Accessories necessary for the trainee to effectively practice speed development on the proof machine are included. This software can be customized with facsimiles of your banks Cash Tickets.

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