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For Release: July24, 2002

Abby, Inc. Supports North Fork Bank With Check Imaging Training Software Transition to image processing is made easy by customized training software

     ROCK HILL, SC, June 26, 2002 Abby, Inc., a company that provides customized training solutions to financial institutions, today announced a new addition to its growing client base.  North Fork Bank, based in Melville, N.Y., has chosen Abby’s ImagePro™ and KeyPro™ training products as it moves into check image processing.

     North Fork Bank is currently converting to Advanced Financial Solutions’ (AFS) check image processing solution, ImageVision7. North Fork has selected Abby to provide the training software they will need to prepare existing employees for this conversion as well as to prepare and train future employees.

     Abby’s training systems include detailed software simulation, allowing the employee to get a “hands-on” feel for the new software. As an added part of its comprehensive training, Abby provides detailed information about check imaging, how the check imaging process works, and the importance of this new technology to the bank.

     “We selected Abby for our training solution because they do more than simply deliver the training,” said Gloria Bolger, vice president of Operation Services for North Fork Bank. “They deliver a solid background on the importance of check imaging and how it works. Also, the ImagePro™ system will give us great flexibility in scheduling. We will be able to train multiple employees at different times during the day to fit their schedules. Abby’s method of training will deliver consistent instruction, making it much more dependable than one-on-one training or mentors who may alter their instruction from lesson to lesson.”

     “While we were working with Abby to develop the customized version of our program,” continued Bolger, “we discovered they also provide pre-training. Prior to choosing Abby's training solutions, we had no formal back-office training systems for employees. Taking advantage of Abby's pre-training will allow our existing proof operators to learn the basic AFS system before the work is brought online. Because North Fork does not plan to hire any additional staff for the conversion, the pre-training of existing proof operators is a big plus. In addition, allowing our staff to train in the simulated imaging environment prior to full implementation eliminates a lot of anxiety due to the conversion.”

     “Each of our customers has individual needs and preferences in the way they train their employees while each requires a consistent training program,” said Ken Evans, president of Abby, Inc. “Moving into an imaging environment, there are specific training aspects that North Fork requires. ImagePro™ and KeyPro™ will enable North Fork to accomplish these requirements successfully. Abby's training tools will allow North Fork to reduce training time while simultaneously increasing the productivity of their employees.”

     ImagePro™ is a modular training program that enables instructors to assign all lessons, or teach a particular job function. Since employees may have previous experience with certain aspects of imaging, this approach avoids redundancy, but allows for thorough employee training in areas of check imaging.

     KeyPro™, training software for TenKey entry, uses established techniques, games and a progressive ergonomics lesson to produce a well-rounded, TenKey training package. KeyPro™ training software also comes complete with an extensive statistical and graphic reporting system that allows bank management to affectively monitor employee progress.

About North Fork Bank

     North Fork, with total assets of approximately $17 billion, operates 167 branch locations throughout the New York Metropolitan area and Connecticut providing a wide range of personal and commercial banking services.  North Fork trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol NFB.  For more information about North Fork, visit the web site at

About Advanced Financial Solutions

     AFS is a leading provider of image‑based payment and transaction software technologies to banks and other organizations with more than 6,500 installations of its software worldwide. AFS ImageVision is a Windows NT‑based system that supports electronic capture, encoding and clearing of checks and other documents. Headquartered in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, AFS maintains offices worldwide.

About Abby, Inc.

     Founded in 1976, Abby, Inc. provides computer‑based back room training for many of the world's largest financial institutions. Customers currently relying on Abby for their training needs include Bank of America, Wells Fargo Bank, Fleet Boston Financial and EDS. The company provides high value and high quality client‑specific solutions to increase accuracy and productivity while reducing overall training time. Abby was the first company to offer customized training for proof operators.

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