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For Release: June29, 2001



     Abby, Inc., the leading provider of computer-based training systems for the check and remittance markets, announces today the forging of a new relationship with The Bank of New York Mellon. The global financial services company has implemented Abby’s world class TenKey training software, KeyPro®, as the new standard throughout the organization.


     Chris Momberger, Global Cash Management Operations University Training Technology Network Manager for The Bank of New York Mellon, welcomes the consistency provided through the Abby software. “Prior to adopting KeyPro®, The Bank of New York Mellon was using various training systems with limited support and no customization,” he explains. “Having one single repository of all TenKey training will make it easier for us to quantify results and assess the training's impact on our bottom line.” Abby further simplified the training process by customizing the KeyPro® solution to incorporate The Bank of New YorkMellon’s speed and accuracy requirements into the program.


     John Wells, Director of Sales and Marketing for Abby, Inc., notes the product’s impact on productivity within a variety of data entry positions in the bank. “After trying KeyPro® on a limited basis, The Bank of New York Mellon saw such benefit and increase in productivity, that they made the decision to purchase the software on a corporate wide basis for use at any The Bank of New York Mellon location in the country,” he relates. “It’s something they can use to train over a very wide scope for a number of different people.”


     Momberger emphasizes Abby’s commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction throughout the purchase and implementation process. “We received excellent support,” he expresses. “Abby’s highly skilled workforce proved to be responsive, knowledgeable and focused on making us successful.” Wells is equally pleased with the new relationship, adding, “The Bank of New York Mellon is a well respected, first class organization and we are certainly very happy to have them as a client.”


     Abby, Inc. is a U.S.-based training corporation that focuses on the financial transaction markets. The company's high value and high quality client specific solutions serve to increase accuracy and productivity while reducing overall training time. Abby offers computer based training in the transaction processing industry and is a leader in TenKey, proof operator, image, and remittance training. To date, Abby provides training for more than 100 companies in the U.S. and Canada.


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