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Case Study Series


Abby, Inc. Assists in the Creation of the Bankforce Training Program for Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Wisconsin and Metropolitan Chicago.


Training and Placement Services 


    Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Wisconsin and Metropolitan Chicago is the largest of the 182 Goodwill Organizations in North America.  It employs more than 2,300 people in 50 locations throughout twenty-one counties.  Their objective: to develop or secure work opportunities that fulfill every individual's personal and professional goals while providing wages and benefits that maintain self sufficiency. 


     Since 1919, Goodwill Industries has provided work services and opportunities to the community.  Goodwill Industries placed over 28,000 men and women into community employment in the last ten years.


     In the financial industry, one area of employment that directly affects cash flow and customer satisfaction is that of remittance or lockbox processing.  With this in mind, Goodwill Industries wanted to create a remittance training program that would assure employers that their new hire from Goodwill Industries would have a high level of productivity and an effective understanding of remittance processing.


 Abby’s Customized Remittance and Lockbox Program  


     Specializing in the development of customized computer based training programs, Abby, Inc. provided the tools that Goodwill Industries sought.  Goodwill Industries needed a program that produced quality trained processors in the lockbox or remittance areas.  Abby helped address these special training needs by customizing the computer based, audio enhanced Bankforce Training Program for Goodwill Industries.     


     “Abby was an asset in assisting in the formulation of the Bankforce Training Program.  Before Abby, we had absolutely no banking program and didn't know to whom to turn.  I remembered the services that Abby provides for training in the private sector,” said Tom Minta, Coordinator of Vocational Training


Features of the Bankforce Training Program 


     In the Bankforce classroom, the program begins with an introductory course that introduces trainees to basic computer concepts.   The lessons include:


    Batch Creation and Batch Registration

    Intro to Checks and Banking     

    Payee Verification         

    Intro to Remittance Banking

    Transport Operation Ten Key

    Touch Fingering Training    

    Amount Verification

    Introduction to the Imaging


    Reassociation, Reports, and Mailing

    Checks and Customer Special


    Data Entry

    The Extraction Process          

    Customer Notification


    This comprehensive training program, custom designed by Goodwill Industries and Abby, Inc., helps to produce quality employees for the banking industry.  Of the 44 students completing the Bankforce program last year, 40 (90.9 %) were placed in quality remittance/lockbox jobs at such institutions as Bank of America, BankOne, Mellon Bank, ABN AMRO, and FISERV.  “Abby Training has made our Bankforce Training Program what it is: a means for people who are disabled or economically disadvantaged to find entry level employment situations that can drastically improve their lives.  Abby has allowed Goodwill Industries to open doors to people who thought employment was impossible,” explained Tom Minta.  


    “Abby training software is designed with the trainee in mind.  The software is both friendly and challenging and makes certain that the trainee learns the proper method to the skill, as well as a thorough understanding of the particular function the trainee is learning.”


Customizing to Meet Special Needs  


    One special feature of Abby, Inc. is their capability to customize their programs in great depth.  “Abby was willing to take the time to study our agency and come to know the people we serve.  Since we do a lot of training with people who are Deaf and hard of hearing, Abby made certain that their program was close captioned so that lessons were applicable to this population of our participants,” explained Tom Minta.


A Special Partnership  


    Another significant feature of Abby, Inc. is the long‑lasting relationship and commitment Abby creates with its customers.  Abby, Inc. not only played a critical role in the development and implementation of the Bankforce Training Program, but also continues to support and enhance the program as it provides remittance training to potential hires. 


   “Abby took the time to supply us with hardware and training beyond the call of duty to make certain that our training program was one of the best.  Their staff members such as John Wells and Stephanie Stiles were most cooperative and understanding of our agency and have become excellent partners and friends,” said Tom Minta of the Abby/Goodwill Industries relationship.


About Abby  


    Abby, Inc. is an established organization that offers quality products, excellent customer service and competitive pricing.  Abby, Inc. was the first company to offer computer based training to proof operators.  Located in Rock Hill, South Carolina, Abby is a nationwide provider of training solutions for mid to large sized financial institutions.  Abby believes that a company's processes, no matter how sophisticated, are only as good as the skills of its operators. 


    Companies choose Abby because of their industry expertise and because their software training programs increase productivity.  When asked what Goodwill Industries would say to other companies looking for a quality training program, Tom Minta said, “If they want quality training software and skilled representatives to assist with their training needs, Abby is the way to go.”


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