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Case Study Series


Abby Training Software Helps Streamline Operations at Regions Bank


     Regions Bank is known throughout the Southeast as “the Relationship People.” Focusing on individual customer needs one relationship at a time, the $38.9 billion institution has approximately 600 offices operating in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee. In each of these six states resides an operations center where the behind-the-scenes back office work is done to support Regions’s superior customer relationships.


     The Proof is in the Performance. Having always believed in one-on-one supervisor-to-operator training, the bank sought to supplement and streamline the process with the help of Abby, Inc.’s training software some twenty years ago. ProofPerformer™ was acquired to customize the bank’s internal documents and bring new operators with little or no experience up to speed as soon as possible. Since that time, various upgrades have been implemented and three of the six operations centers now use the Windows-based version of ProofPerformer™ .


     Today, the software is an effective tool in teaching operators how to process proof work and the programs involved in doing so. Regions Proof Manager Jim Gray elaborates, “ProofPerformer™ gives a basic overview, general information on check processing, some speed drills on developing TenKey skills, and specific lesson plans that teach how to run the work the way we do it.”


     Regions Bank uses the NCR 7766 proof encoder, which has three different programs allowing operators to process work. “The Abby system gives instruction on those three different software programs as well as the special function keys on the NCR proof encoder machine,” Gray relates.


     In terms of document customization and instruction, “ProofPerformer displays an exact replica of our internal documents, such as commercial loan tickets or under dollar adjustment tickets,” shares Gray. “This is important because documents vary from bank to bank, and operators must be familiar with ours in order to properly encode fields so that they post correctly.”


     An additional benefit of the Abby software is that it saves supervisors time explaining basic bank operations jargon that is normally learned through experience. Check processing delivery systems involving different bank routing numbers and the twelve Federal Reserve districts throughout the country are also included in ProofPerformer™ instruction, once again putting operators ahead of the learning curve.


     “Overall,” Gray maintains, “the Abby programs we use can help build up operator speed and stamina.” With trained and qualified employees working at every level of Regions, the bank’s customer relationships are sure to remain rock solid.  

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