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    About Abby, Inc.  

     Abby, Incorporated is a U.S.-based training and productivity solutions corporation that
  focuses on financial transaction markets. We provide high value and high quality computer-
  based productivity solutions to increase accuracy and productivity while reducing overall
  training time.

     Founded in Atlanta in 1976, Abby has become a nationwide provider of interactive
  training solutions for payment processing agencies such as financial institutions, utilities,
  government agencies, insurance companies, and retail operations throughout the United
  States and Canada.

     We believe that a company's process, no matter how sophisticated, is only as good as the
  skill of its operators. With this idea in mind, Abby has developed computer-based productivity
  modules that will improve the overall efficiency for your staff.

     If you have a special training need in your Transaction Processing area, Abby can help.
  Using state-of-the-art Instructional Design techniques, we work with you to create vendor-
  specific and customized computer-based training solutions.

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